One easy to use smartlink that monetizes global traffic with affiliate offers for all countries, devices, carriers and traffic types


Many affiliate networks are already using smartlink solution as a fallback offer for mistargeted traffic and remnant traffic monetization

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Adjo engineers have developed an in house auto optimization algorithm using machine learning patterns to analyze each click and decide which offer the user should be redirected to

Algorithm Based Auto Decisions

Leaving the milliseconds decisions to algorithms ensures higher revenues that can’t be done otherwise done by manual optimization

Evolving Technology

Taking the advantage of having a dedicated in house development team allows Adjo to implement latest technological improvements. Revenue increasing new product features are constantly added to algorithm

Fast Redirects

With servers located in Amsterdam, Newyork, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Sydney, fast redirects and maximum server up time is guaranteed

Constant Split Testing

A small portion of network’s traffic is dedicated to split test new offers to find better converting offers


We pay weekly for all smartlink publishers, you don't need to request a payment as you will receive the payment automatically every Monday via Bank wire, Payoneer, Crypto Currency. Please make sure to add your preferred payment details within Payout section in Settings menu.Minimum payout value can also be edited from the same section.

Five easy steps to start working with Adjo are, first sign up to create a new account, confirm the e-mail you received, after that you can log in to Adjo panel with your credentials. Once you are logged in, create your Smartlink from the menu and start sending traffic to your new smartlink. Review the Reports section to analyze your earnings.

We are a performance network, we pay only for signups or downloads, so called conversions. If you have quality traffic your visitors will be attracted to complete the action and you will earn money.

Adjo Fraud detection algorithm constantly analyzes your traffic to make sure we are only processing fraud free traffic. Fake clicks, bot traffic, incentive conversions, non-human auto-installs, any kind of conversion completed without the consent of the end user are considered as fraud and if we detect an account with fraudulent activities that account will be banned.

We offer a referral commission of 5 % off of all referred publishers. To find out more about the details please visit Referral section in Settings menu.

You can add your postback link by visiting Postback section in Settings menu. Also you can check all required parameters about the integration as well as a detailed log of all your postback activity within that menu.

You can set custom domains to use as your smartlink domain. Visit Domains section in Settings menu to add new domains and confirm their A record settings, afterwards the new domains will appear in the Smartlink section for you to get your updated links.

You can obtain your unique API key from Account section of Settings menu. Afterwards follow the easy steps on this documentation:

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