Global Smartlink & Popup Network

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Private Smart Optimization per Publisher
  • Weekly Auto Payments

About Adjo

Adjo is a global affiliate network offering a single smart link to publishers for their mobile traffic. We automatically segment the traffic by geo, device, OS, connection type and carrier. We run traffic from all 230 geos. Our inhouse adserver and smart auto optimization algorithm ensures we show the highest paying ads to each visitor clicking on publishers advertisement link.

All complex offer testing procedures are carried out by our optimization algorithm in an automated super fast way otherwise could not be done by human intervention. Hundreds of satisfied Adjo publishers enjoy competitive payouts as well as weekly payment terms to keep their business runing well.


High Earnings

Auto optimization system ensures your traffic goes to best earning campaigns

Global Coverage

We manage web and mobile traffic from 230 countries


Country, device, connection type, mobile carrier, operating system and browser targeting

Campaign based landing page designs

Different landings for different campaigns ensure better conversions, better profits.

Ad Types

Direkt link, popup, splash, banner

Weekly Payments

Weekly payments with no deductions. Payment methods: Bank wire, Paypal, Payoneer


Global Coverage

230 Active Countries

Traffic Volume

We have traffic worth 160 Million clicks per month

CPA Perfomance

Only CPA models, leads, subscribers, installs

Ad Types

Direct links, Popup, Interstitial, Banner


Country, device, connection type, mobile carrier, operating system and browser targeting

Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection system protects our advertisers from unwanted conversions.


General Questions

How do I make money?

You redirect your website's visitors to us via a direct link, popup, banner or interstital. Your visitors see our ads containing lead sign ups, subscriptions or installs. When they complete the actions in these ads you earn a high commision.

How much money can I earn?

Send more traffic to increase conversions and increase earnings. You can potentially earn endless amount of money with us.

What are your payment terms?

We pay weekly with no deductions. Minimum payment amount is 250 Euro. We pay via bank wire, paypal and payoneer.

From which geos can I send you traffic?

We accept traffic from all countries in the world. You can earn higher amounts especially when you send mobile 3G traffic.

What are your ad types?

Redirect, popup, interstitial and banner

About Using System

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

Go to the Login page and click Forgot Password to reset your password

How do I get my ad codes?

Login to your account, create a new website and a new zone and you will have your ad code ready

I have more than one website, do I need seperate accounts?

You only need one account. You can create unlimited amount of sites and zones.

Are your report stats real time?

All reports are displayed in real time.

Do you offer S2S integration?

Yes, we support S2S integration for publishers.